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Thundra [userpic]

22 Days! :D

October 19th, 2012 (07:30 pm)

current mood: hungry

Haven't posted in a while, figure I should before I go crazy ;)

First, War was awesome, much more laid back than last year, sadly no wedding surprises for us though. That was a little disappointing. We thought we might get called into court for that or at least him for placing second in the Novice Tourney, but sadly no. There was no surprise shower as his mom had said there would be so she got that totally mixed up. Our regular shower had been cancelled because of this 'surprise' and when our Scadian friends found out what happened, they totally stepped up and we're having one tomorrow :) It'll be super casual, not at our place (yay no cleaning!!) and should be a lot of fun even with just a few people :) I wouldn't be surprised if it turned into a fighter practice though ;D

Favors are in, flower girl basket has another coat of paint and just needs the lining and exterior decorations done. Still haven't found my shoes, but haven't had the time/money to look. jenn bailed on this weekend, in theory she's sick, part of me thinks it's because this whole shower thing, first its on then it's off then it's on again, and she wouldn't know anyone but me there, and she won't get as much 'us' time. Chris is concerned about her flaking on the wedding, I doubt that, it would have to be a REAL reason, and if she does I have a back up ;p And my sister has her dress! Yes!! ;D

This weekend need to do some light shopping around, and pin my MOH dress for hemming for Djali's wedding NEXT WEEKEND!! =D I'm doing the alterations myself, will probably regret it but can't afford to have someone do it for me, and yea ;p His mom has been kind of driving me batty lately. We're going over some time this weekend to figure out reception details since they're helping more than originally planned. Cake is ordered, still totally stumped for bridesmaids gifts :( Got an awesome idea for the bouquets at War, just have to get the supplies and put them together. We'll see. They looked great, it's just if I have the time ;)

Getting the marriage licence after the 1st since my work schedule will be more flexible. Getting food details worked out, alcohol is pretty much bought I believe. His mom rented a bunch of stuff that i think is a little silly, why rent tablecloths when you can buy them cheaper? o.O Found out the chairs are BRIGHT grass green... ugh but oh well. Chair covers look awesome but are stupid expensive ;p

anyway, super nachos for dinner. yummy :)

Thundra [userpic]

8 weeks...

September 15th, 2012 (09:54 am)

current mood: crappy

WOW it's getting close...

got the whole weekend off, what a wonderful surprise :) I was told to enjoy it, that we're probably working every day for the rest of the month. I need a To Do list, so much to do today...

Call bank
fold laundry
do more laundry
figure out dinner
pick up the house
clean the bathroom
work on Chris's doublet
maybe do a dump run, not sure of their saturday hours
Walmart for cat food and toilet scrubby thing and garbage bags
try on MOH dress... crap... call alteration shop... :/
hopefully find a few dollars and be able to stop at the apple farm :)

the only thing I HAVE to do today is the doublet since I'm hoping it'll stay a surprise. and take the dress to the alteration shop for an estimate since their hours suck. if they can even fix it and have it not cost a fortune. damnit.

Update: went to the alteration shop. The main issue is that I have a short torso, and I have curves. So, where my hips are, are not where the hips are on the dress. Yes it's pretty snug around the tummy but that can be dealt with to a point. I have two options. Get another dress, or find material that matches that can be sewn in. there's nothing they can do. I want to cry SO bad. I had joked that I may have to get another dress, the reality of it is crushing. I feel so fat right now. I wear a size 8. My WEDDING DRESS is a freaking size 8. a size 8 dress from david's bridal? Not even a chance. Looking at myself in their mirrors I felt horrible about how I look. I've tried tracking calories, I've tried exercising, I get exercise at work, if I burn too much then I go into storage mode and don't burn anything. I'm so frustrated. and it's lunch time and I'm hungry and I don't want to eat ever again >.

Thundra [userpic]

67 days...

September 4th, 2012 (07:00 pm)

current mood: hungry

meeting with the officiant went awesome, she had some great ideas and seems to be quite the character ;) We have a few things for the ceremony itself to work out though. Chris wants to walk his mom in, we both think it would be really sweet. His mom has NEVAH been to a wedding where the groom and best man (her husband) weren't already at the front and there the whole time. Apparently she doesn't want to wait to see him until he escorts out my sister, well tough noogies woman! ;D I'm sorry, I don't want anyone to have to walk down those stairs with no handrails by themselves ;p It's apparently a Christian tradition anyway, so she can just deal with it ;) so there! ;D she keeps saying that it's our day and doesn't want to take away from it, we're including her for a reason, it's going to ADD to the day darn woman! ;p

I found the song I want to walk out to, now to find one for everyone else to come out to ;) So obvious, didn't know why it didn't occur to be before to use this song ;D

Had an 'interview' with a temp agency today, we'll see if/when they call. Might have to end up going to unemployment this week after all :/

Pizza is the plan for dinner tonight. pizza and wings, nomnomnom...

and sourdough english muffins are AWESOME ;)

Feeling surprisingly good for the crappy sleep I got last night. Tired but in good spirits i guess. Took forever just to fall asleep, then constant waking up, bizarre dreams, way too much stuff running through my head right now ;p

Tonight I am going to try to find my paint and work more on the flower girl basket. or work on the veil. something. ANYTHING ;) I've decided to go with programs after all, I have a template all filled in, the clip art was ridiculously sad so not sure if i have to steal pics off the internet or shell out more money for pre-decorated ones. I'd rather just do them myself, it's cheaper, not like people really hold on to those anyway ;) They just look so plain... and I can't layer stuff in Word like I can in Publisher ;p I'll figure out something...

he needs to get home so I can make pizza ;D~

Thundra [userpic]


September 1st, 2012 (03:43 pm)

current mood: accomplished

So I totally had enough leftover material do to the doublet thing. I had kept all the pattern pieces from the last one I made so I had everything thankfully :) Have all the pieces cut out and pinned together, kind of afraid to start sewing in case he gets home early, so it's all put away ;) Didn't realize until after I started that it's a lace up doublet... which means grommets...and lots of whip stitching... crap ;p At least I have time to work on it :) and since I used a good material for the liner, technically it'll be reversible, although why anyone would wear a solid gold doublet is beyond me ;) I'm pretty sure we have grommets and a puncher and all that, just to FIND them...

now to pay the power bill...

Thundra [userpic]

trying to stay positive... SCA and wedding musings

September 1st, 2012 (10:29 am)

current mood: contemplative

something will work out, something will work out, something WILL work out -.- Stop stressing, and stay away from the brownies.

Down to 10 weeks! 70 days! 1680 hours... and some change ;)

Meeting the officiant tomorrow will hopefully put me in high gear to get stuff done. Chris is working on music in his shrinking spare time, I still have my projects to contend with. I really should be whipping them out while I'm home doing nothing, but I just haven't felt good enough to think I could really focus on anything at all.

I want to surprise him with a new doublet (jerkin?) for War. I have a good chunk of scrap pieces of the fleur-di-lis material I made my masquerade dress from. That dress was not the best project, but I might have a solution. Since it ended up on the short side, thinking of adding a 2 inch or so heavy black material trim around the bottom, and using a braided gold and black cord where the seams meet. This would hide my crappy hem job I did in the tent at War last year, and make it longer ;) i can apply the same principal with making a doublet for him, maybe one that has the patterned material across the upper chest and the rest in black, or maybe the other way around? Problem is I have no plain black cloth, this could be tricky to acquire with money being how it is. But it would give us something nice that matches that isn't what he fights in every day, I think he'd really like it :) We'll see if I can get that in ;) Although I DO need to make him another set of pants anyway... if not two. The poor man has ONE pair of garb pants ;)

I was gifted a sideless surcoat a while back, I think a soft yellow underdress would compliment the color nicely. Don't know if I'll get around to that or not tho. Would be nice. My last dress didn't come out like I had hoped after working SO hard on it, but it was adding the trim that goofed it up. I get so many more compliments on his doublet even thought the seams don't line up than on mine ;)

Must be realistic... War is only 6 weeks away ;) He had wanted to make some badass fighting light armor, sadly I didn't think it was a possibility from the start, and it is appearing more and more to be out of reach :( If we weren't paying for a wedding that would be another story ;) He has the amazing cover for his fighting mask and wanted to make a outfit to match. Materials are SO expensive for what he wants to do though :/

Still debating taking the puppy to War... we'll probably let her stay here with friends, that way one of us isn't constantly having to watch her. I was told I might be able to be partnered with a Marshal and go take pictures of the woods battle! :D I think that would be SO fun, unless you're a fighter that's not something you get to see!

We are hoping (hoping!) to get to Gulf Wars next year. If we do in fact have to cancel our honeymoon, that means we can go down early or stay late and visit his friends in New Orleans and that would be a lot of fun :) I'd REALLY want some new garb for that.

Crud I need to make a new favor... my last one got lost :(

ok so this was more SCA than wedding.. ah well ;)

Thundra [userpic]

81... starting to stress more...

August 21st, 2012 (04:02 pm)

current mood: stressed

two months, two weeks, and a handful of days.

My weight is refusing to go down. I can deal with that for my dress since it'll have the corset back and can be tightened or loosened as necessary, I can't for the dress for Djali's wedding who weeks before mine. Apparently with work I'm burning a ton of calories and not taking enough in, putting my body into starvation (translation STORAGE) mode. I'm so frustrated. And working out will only make it worse >.< I'm not hungry either, I eat at meal times and a few snacks throughout the day, I'm going to end up having to pig out at dinner to make the healthy calorie count and that's not good for you either. lose-lose situation.

only one of my girls has a dress ordered. Jenn found one she liked and hopefully can buy off the rack, still nothing for his sister (which will have to be altered since she is rail-thin) or my sister yet.

I got my lanterns done for the centerpieces, I don't like how the inside of them looks. They're open topped so you can see right in and where I taped everything together, looks crappy to me. Might have to make a top now too >.<

Need to start ordering more things but no money to. Need to get favors and a few things from online for decorating. I need to get SHOES. And any other under-dress essentials. Before my first fitting. Which is in about 5 weeks. We had more unexpected bills pop up and we're flat broke. We'd be screwed if I didn't have my crappy ass job. Which I think I start this week on my own, which should mean more money, which is good. but sucky at the same time.

His side of the family is really dragging their damn feet with RSVPing. Some of mine too, but not nearly the same extent. We have to have our floor plan submitted soon. I asked people please RSVP by September 1 because I OH CRAP I said September 1. I meant October 1. crap crap CRAP. Wedding website updated... damnit. So if our floorplan is due 30 days out, Oct 1 will work as a cutoff. Crap. DAMNIT. I know the months of the year, really I do ;p No wonder nobody is answering ;p

I guess I have a little more time than I thought I did, I just see that number of days going down and I'm freaking out about getting everything done and paid for. I should be working on a project now I'm sure. Can't afford the material for the wraps yet, I can work on bouquets and the final coat on the flower girl basket, after he gets paid I can mail stuff to Cindy, he's been working on the music bless the man.

Screw chicken, I think I want spaghetti tonight.

Thundra [userpic]


August 14th, 2012 (02:35 pm)

current mood: annoyed

Been a few stressful things going on lately. First, wedding related:

His mom and a mutual friend of ours wanted to throw us a shower, which is super awesonme. I think I already rambled about that. Well, when throwing a party for someone, you work around their schedule first, then the hostess and guests and so on. So they wanted to do it in September. After checking our calanders, we have one saturday that would work, and his mom was ok even suggested that weekend in the first place. She calls a few days later, it's not going to work, and we're not being flexible enough giving her only one day to use. Because it interferes with their season college football tickets. He works three of the five saturdays and there's an SCA event on one of the free one that 90% of who we want to be at the shower have already planned to attend. So she thinks maybe in October (which is almost as crazy as september) and again, we have I think one weekend available, but it'll work. She hadn't said anything about october in the first place so we hadn't even thought about it. Lunch yesterday turned into this very uncomfortable situation with him and his mom arguing over who's not acting like an adult, who's not being reasonable, all that. Chris works. He is the main inflow of cash into our house. He gets penalized for taking a day off since all his vacation time is already on the books for the wedding. Which hurts his ability to get hired on full time, and when he does, his schedule is going to change anyway! And the fact that his mom is putting a football game over her only son's wedding plans is kinda damn hurtful. They're already having to give away tickets for the day of our wedding, apparently two games was too much. They should have thought about this when they bought the tickets A FEW WEEKS AGO. They have our wedding and all the planning and stuff. They have his step sister who is starting college and was very active in highschool with band and stuff, they went to EVERY one of her things, do they not think that she'll continue this with college? it's just poor planning to me. Very frustrating.

Now for work.

No secret, I hate my job. Cleaning houses sucks. The job itself isn't too bad most the time, the pay is crappy though, and the management is awful. Tomorrow will be a month I've worked there. I've been early EVERY DAY. I work hard and even though I'm not as fast as apparently I should be, I'm more detailed and keep finding things NOBODY else is doing. Whatever. The office manager sent the office trainer out on friday to the house we were working on to check on me. After chatting with her (while continuing to work) found out it was because office manager thinks that I'm still a bit slow, and wanted office trainer to see where I could improve. I told office trainer that yes, I'm not surprised about this, seeing as I told her the EXACT SAME THING, on MULTIPLE occasions over the last couple weeks, which was why I didn't think I was ready to be on my own yet. She thought that was kinda funny. Office manager has gotten some horrible news and is a bit out of it at the office, I can't blame her, but today she still pissed me off. I called out yesterday. Our outdoor cat came limping home with a possible snakebite on Sunday, it was looking very much like we'd have to take her to the vet yesterday, so I called in at 6:54 to the number I had in my phone, left a message apologizing that I'd be out that day, explained the situation, I'll see you tomorrow. Never got a call back so figured everything was fine. People do this all the time. So I go in this morning, and office manager looked surprised to see me. She kinda stumbles around the wording for a minute, but finally gets out 'well you were a no call no show yesterday so I terminated you.'

excuse me?

I explained that I did call and left a message. Apparently I didn't call the right number, it was the check in number we call in throughout the day and often there are messages left, so they should have been checked at SOME point. Well I still called the wrong number, they never got the message, and since they have such a high turnover, they assumed I quit with no notice. She asked to see a note from the vet, said I didn't have one with me. I didn't have my phone (damnitall) either or else I could have showed her exactly when and for how long I was on the phone with that number. Phones don't ring for a minute and 14 seconds without going to voicemail. So clearly either I talked to someone (which I didn't) or i left a message. I asked why nobody called to see why I wasn't there, I could have been in an accident or something. Well, it's not their policy, high turnover and all. So because your phone didn't register a minute long voicemail and you were too damn lazy to call someone with a perfect EARLY attendance record, you fired me. They let me work today, I'm thinking she wants me to bring in a note from the vet tomorrow, it's not going to happen. I'm telling Chris about this and I have a feeling he's going to tell me to take my shirts back to them tomorrow and tell them to screw themselves. There's SO much about this company I don't like, the pay, the forced lunch deductions when you don't get to take one, the no-water-in-customer-house even when you're working your ass off rule, it's BS. I don't know if the office trainer told the manager that yes I was still slower but more thorough like she said she was going to, if they were looking for a reason to cut me loose, if there are complaints that I don't know about, who knows. I've been going out of my way to pick up someone every day so she has a ride. I'm always early. I work hard. It's bullshit. Found out today that the lady I've been training with and picking up (she was picked up by someone else since we had a shower for her this morning) that they took money OUT of her paycheck to may for MY mileage. That poor girl was deducted money for NO reason. It's just ridiculous!!!! She told them to screw themselves and she's quitting this week. They had better reimburse her for that, it's SO jacked up. I feel horrible and I had nothing to even do with it!!

gulliver broke a noodle bowl last night jumping off the fridge, meeko got into the trash, Nola peed in her crate and was COVERED in it when I took her out this morning. Had to take a shower I stunk so bad. And it's only Tuesday...

Thundra [userpic]


August 5th, 2012 (10:56 am)

current mood: thoughtful

first off, weekends where Chris has to work kinda suck :( Sure we see eachother after work, but that's only for a few hours, but we only get to spend the whole day together every other weekend. Kinda sad :/ After finding out more about my job that I told him on Friday, he wants me out of there too. I don't like the way they run that business.

In more fun news, I started working on my lanterns yesterday. Didn't get as far as I'd hoped but since we got the smaller crate for the puppy, there was quite the mess to clean up yesterday morning, had to go to the store for supplies, give her a bath, do laundry, oodles of fun. She did MUCH better last night :)

I feel like my stomach is starting to go go down in size a little. That or my tanktop is just getting stretched out from sleeping in it ;p I'm almost afraid to take measurements though. I don't like how whenever I do things with my hands be it cleaning at work or working on projects, they swell up. This is odd and kinda painful, don't know if I just need more water or what.

Just feeling kinda lonely today. I have the kids to keep me company, Nola and I went outside and played fetch with her ball for a while. She's getting used to the new runner still, but she's getting good at bringing the ball back. I should charge up the camera and take pictures.

Chris's mom apparently got into cahoots with my mom and a mutual friend of ours, and is planning our wedding shower. My mom was somehow under the impression I didn't want one, no, I didn't want one the night before the wedding and didn't think we'd get one otherwise, big difference. So that's getting planned for next month. Which will be fun. It'll have to be on a Saturday, which Chris only has one or two available, which could conflict with his mom's college football season tickets (good grief) and so who knows ;) It'll be a Jack and Jill shower, which honestly I really like the idea of. We have mutual friends who would make it more fun, and it won't be all girly and stuff ;) But it's funny how that kind of kickstarted the 'oh my god this is really happening' thing :) In a good way of course :) And I was really thinking we wouldn't get one so this is cool :)

I need breakfast. Toasted english muffin with laughing cow cheese it is! :D

Thundra [userpic]

Wedding icon! ;D

August 1st, 2012 (07:18 pm)

current mood: geeky

I swear, Cindy, I'll get that stuff out to you ASAP. We hit a snag and we are finally coming out of it. I have a box set aside and everything! ;p I did change up the flowers to match the ones I'll actually have in my bouquet, I really hope they won't be a total and complete pain in the ass to work with ;)

101 days until the wedding :D

only 24 out of 116 have RSVP'd ;p

Haven't been working on ANYTHING since I'm usually so worn out when I get home from work. This needs to change. I could be working on my flower girl basket, my veil, my paper lantern centerpieces, the bouquets, the sashes, the music, so much more. Oyesh.

Cleaned a house today for a lady who's daughter is getting married the same day we are. That was fun actually ;D For once it wasn't all talk about my coworker's upcoming baby! ;)

Need to do soons: mail cindy supplies, make hair appointment, make hotel reservation for that night. Apparently his mom has taken it upon herself to pay for my alterations for my dress :) I think that's very sweet of her, seeing as I have no idea how much this will cost ;) it'll probably end up being more than I paid for the dress itself! ;)

Need to do SOMETHING to kick this weight. Good lord, this is rediculous. This job is NOT helping like i thought it would. I exercise ALL DAY and not losing anything. Inches OR weight. I need to either be able to look halfway decent in the dress for Djali's wedding, or fork out money for a bigger one somewhere. *sigh* and then get it altered too ;p

maybe that's what I'll do this weekend while he's at work, kick into major wedding mode. Throw on something fun on Hulu or Netflix, and be productive :)

His grandmother is coming to town tomorrow and taking us to dinner. I'm nervous, everyone says she's a real pain, this should be interesting ;) At least we get a free dinner out of it! ;D And I'll be able to find out what type of dress his sister is looking at, and try to get something kinda put together to give my sister a better idea. My mom keeps finding dresses and sending them to her as 'possibilities'.. they're getting worse and worse each time >.< The last one looked like two black dresses, one shiny one not, went through a shredder and a blind person sewed them together. AWFUL. and SO unflattering. It hung on my sister like a potato sack. Wish she would just send her a little money instead and give her the chance to go shopping for herself ;)

I think I need to take the puppy out ;) She's doing good, still working on housebreaking, she doesn't like the rain apparently and so we had mess after mess yesterday. She wouldn't go potty outside!! I came home from work and she was tied up on the front porch, I knew something was wrong ;)

I lost my bottle of water...

Thundra [userpic]

work and stuff

July 21st, 2012 (06:56 pm)

current mood: tired

So, started my job cleaning houses this week. No sugar coating it, it sucks. Minimum wage, work all day with no break yet one gets deducted from my paycheck. I'm sorry, driving from one house to the next scarfing down food which technically we're not supposed to really do while driving does NOT qualify for a break. Stuff like that rubs me the wrong way. The lady who is training me is nice enough but kinda sucks at actual 'training' ;p I don't see this lasting a long time.

In more fun news, we aren't saying anything on Facebook yet until I get my first paycheck, but we got our wedding present to eachother :) Her name is Nola, she's six weeks old, black and white Husky, one blue eye, one multi colored eye, and is stinking ADORABLE when she's not chewing on our shoes or trying to eat the cat food ;) We bought her but given the situation and the conditions of the place, I kinda see it more as a rescue :/ Poor girl had three different kinds of worms (even though in theory she was de-wormed) and had been fed basically dollar store brand food >.< She's the runt, that was the deal sealer for us. He took all the kids in for a checkup yesterday, Nola is all of 6 pounds, Meeko is 6.5, and Gulliver tipped the scale at 16.5 pounds o.O he was a runt too ;) I'll post pics and more info later later, off to make dinner!!

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